About Us

About Us


Nova Future Tech Business School is your future through Innovative Blockchain Technology Network Training. The Nova combination of network training and professional courses, will guide students to achieve financial freedom through technology. Nova Future Tech Business School differs from traditional educational institutes; the course curriculum is designed specifically to meet the goals of the individual student. The complete course is designed to aid in achievement of the quality of life improvement our students seek through technology.


Nova Future Tech Business School is dedicated through our specifically designed technological education and training to assist our students to achieve their, “Dream of Financial Freedom”.

Our Services

Course Consultancy

Nova Future Tech Business School will assign a Professional Course Consultant to design a customized path of technical training to meet the student’s goals. Whether the student’s path is personal career planning or leading a team; Nova Future Tech will provide the tools and guidance to enhance the achievement of their goal…Financial Freedom.

Education System Setup

At Nova Future Tech we provide a complete technological education system for the individual, team or company. The Individual, team or company will work with our consultants and instructors’ to select the complete course series and design special interest activities; to meet specific predetermined goals. This Educational System will enhance the individual, team or company to advance swiftly to achieve their goal of Financial Freedom.

Team Training

Upon the Students completion of course selection, Students will work with the Nova Future Tech Concierge Travel Group to make travel arrangements by land and or air, hotel accommodations as well as assist in the completion of Visa Applications as needed. Students will receive a completed itinerary to include the Students Planned Training Schedule, Travel Arrangements, and Hotel Accommodations. In addition a list of scheduled extra curricular activities will be provided to insure a most memorable journey.