Desmond Pang

Successful Philosophy Educator
Organization Marketing Strategist
For a man, no matter how many places he has travelled, whether he’s a success or failure.
At the end of the journey he still wants to return home, and what he wants the most is love.
Love makes the world a beautiful place. Mr. Pang’s life mission is to create a paradise filled with love and prosperity.

It’s been more than 20 years now since he began his education training and seminars.
All these years, he has planned and hosted more than 5,000 successful philosophy training events.
Desmond has accumulated more than 40,000 hours of lectures over the years affecting millions of people.
His students are spread all over the world like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and others.

Personal Milestones

1990, Lecturer and in charge of a Development and Training Center of a Taiwan multinational multi-level-marketing company in Johor Bahru.
1994, Trainer in a multi-level-marketing company from Malaysia.
1995, Marketing Vice President in the same company.
1996, Malaysian trainer for a Japanese multi-level-marketing company, and learned the spirit of a Japanese Warrior from a Japanese mentor.
1997, Business manager in Malaysia for a Singapore multinational multi-level-marketing company.
2000, General Manager of the same company and Director of International Education and Training.
2004, Established successful philosophy training institutions.
2007, World Chinese Direct Selling 20 best trainers Asia-Pacific region award.
2008, Asia Super Excellence Direct Sales Enterprise Outstanding Trainer award.
2009, World Chinese Direct Marketing Forum10 Best Trainers in Asia award.
2014, “Oriental Daily” East Direct Marketing Annual Professional Lecturer Award.
2015, PhD in Global University for Lifelong Learning, majoring in Motivation & Personal Development.