Dr. Jovice Lee

Dr Lee is now an Enterprise Health Instructor and University Lecturer, providing health management and preventive health speeches and also education and training services. She is certified in nutrition, health care; holds a Master Degree in Business Administration, Master Degree in Preventive Medicine (nutrition) and PHD in management, yet she is still constantly upgrading herself. She is also a Certified Health Advisor, Health Planner, NLP Practitioner and Laughter Yoga Instructor. Dr Lee believes knowledge can change fate, currently she is actively promoting health education and healthy lifestyle, she is also keen to contribute to the society by promoting Laughter Yoga to communities and non-profit organizations.

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

  1. Holistic Nutrition Diploma
  2. Wellness Diploma
  3. MBA
  4. Master in Preventive Medicine (nutrition)
  5. PHD (management)
  6. Certified Wellness Consultant
  7. Certified Wellness Planner
  8. Certified NLP Practitioner
  9. Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher