Maple Sim

Top Team Building Mentor

Asia’s well-known Education and Training Institutions
Performance Training Chief Trainer

• Communication Training Lecturer
• Corporate Marketing Planning Consultant
• International Certified Nutritionist Therapist

Maple has more than a thousand field training events experience throughout Asia and Southeast Asian countries. Up to date training model helps Maple to assist teams and businesses to create top performance teams, no matter via online class training or in-the-field training.

Maple’s teams perform well because she never leaves the field. She is a trainer as well as a marketing consultant for organizations, assisting a variety of different business models in Asia in their marketing and branding strategy. With her mission to integrate all marketing and sales experience, Maple ensures that the teams and organizations can be more cost effective and time saving through the training.


  • More than 10 years’ experience of Lecturing and Eloquence Training, has been invited to secondary schools, colleges, multi-level-marketing companies and private sectors as organization consultant and trainer. Rich in experience, her training has been everywhere in Taiwan, China, Southeast Asian Countries and others.
    Expertise: Speaker Training, OPP, Organization Technical Training, Sales Skills and Interpersonal Communication Training, Debate and Hosting Training.
  • Expert in marketing activities planning, and have experience in organizing more than 100 large-scale activities, including OPP, National Recognition Ceremony, Training Camps, Detox Camps, Incentive Camps, New Product launching Ceremony, Awareness Activities and various small and medium Enterprise Press Conferences.
    Expertise: Establishment of Marketing Model, Innovative Marketing Strategies.
  • Has more than 10 years’ experience in multi-level-marketing and management, has served as market consultant and trainer for multi-level-marketing companies and franchise organizations. Has many years of experience in market development and system building.
    Expertise: Negotiation and Coordination Skills.
  • Experienced in set up Franchise Stores, including Store Decoration, Operation Process and Staff Services. Once set up health care franchise stores and imported supermarket franchise stores in Malaysia and China.
    Expertise: Establishment of Franchise Store SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), Customer Service Skills, Team Sales Training.